Burntisland: Port of Grace

£ 9.95

[166 pages]

BURNTISLAND: PORT OF GRACE by Iain Sommerville (with Ian Archibald and Helen Mabon) Published by BHT in 2004; reprinted with minor changes in 2012 £11-95 The book tells the story of the Royal Burgh of Burntisland to the Union of Parliaments in 1707. Based on James Speed's notes on the history of Burntisland, which were transcribed by Alexander Foster in 1869. The 16th and 17th centuries were a time of great turmoil in Scotland, particularly on the question of religion. This book gives the reader an understanding of what life was like during that period. 156 pages; 85 illustrations (37 in full colour); B5 format.

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